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Shop Update

Evenings are filled with yarn and dyes in woolupnorth head quarter, skein after skein I hope I will soon make it to another shop update <3

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About me and Woolupnorth

“I am inspired by nature, by the color combinations that the four seasons can give, by the perfect imperfection of a forest landscape. For me it is all about keeping my products close to nature, using fibers that are produced in a way that does not harm the environment, dyeing natural yarns that knitters can use to create beautiful clothing that will last for generations.

Slow fashion against the buying and throwing away modern culture”

I love this yarn! So soft and the color together with the silver nylon thread is so amazingly beautiful. I am so satisfied with my purchase and I will happily purchase more yarn in the future!! I really recommend this shop <3

I can't wait for next shop update!

Camilla on Jul 11, 2017

Fineste gulfargen ever 💛💛💛 Elsker garnet!

Hege on Jul 10, 2017

Love the yarn!! ❤️ Will definately buy more yarn from your shop for future knittingprojects!

Kristin on Jul 6, 2017

So wonderfully soft, both yarn and the colour. I also love the fact that it is organic and non-superwash!

Christine on Jun 28, 2017

This is art in a skein - absolutely gorgeous!

Marin on Jun 6, 2017